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Moody Landscapes | Paint Moody Landscapes with Watercolors

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Shanan Subhan



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1. Introduction 2:01

2. Art Supplies 2:53

3. Project 1 - Drive through the Pine Forest 32:22

4. Project 2 - Stream by the Rocks 28:20

5. Project 3 - By the Lakeside 27:20

6. Project 4 - Moody Autumn Day 24:53

7. Project 5 - Moody Sunset 20:50

8. Project 6 - The Candy Sky 38:00

9. Project 7 - The Rocky Lake 34:39

10. Project 8 - Moody Winter 24:05


Moody paintings tell a story full of mystery in the absence of bright vivid colors . Moody landscapes often finds the viewer emotionally connected to the pleasant silence . Here we implement various watercolor techniques to achieve the gloomy and moody effects . We will also focus on achieving depth and highlights resulting in an enhanced and enriched outcome .


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The class projects are quite beautiful and unique in their own way. The steps have been explained in simple steps so they are easy to follow. When I look at her end result and mine I feel like redoing a few of these- what I loved the most has to be the part about painting the rocks and the mini class on perspective. I always love her style which is kind of expressive to me and this class is so relaxing in that way.

Worst review

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As she herself says- a little bit of experience with watercolours would help in these lessons. Your project was in my list quite ah year … I don’t hve guts to try it …. This class I would recommend for all levels, as few of the concepts covered are really useful. You might say whatever you are is because of our support but today I would like to change the sentence.

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