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Mark Making in Wet Watercolour

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Denise Comeau



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1. Intro 1:17

2. Mark making materiels 2:18

3. Mark making demo 10:20

4. Looking at tools 4:24

5. Class project 2:06

6. Mark making extra 1:59

7. Inktense blocks 3:22


Less is more has always been my philosophy and, in this work, with the mark making, i feel i have achieved that and i would love to show you how . It is one of those paintings that came together very quickly and without effort . In the class project i will simplify it so that you can follow along .


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The instructions for this class were very clear and the examples inspirational. Denise comeau is one of my favorite artist and educators on skillshare, each class is a treasure! i enjoy watching artists' processes so appreciate this class for that.

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I read in your profile that you live 3 hours from the nearest town. But I may find it useful at some point during a painting project. I would have liked more examples of markmaking rather than just the one using the back of her brush. I’m new to watercolour and have done some quite detailed tutorials which leave me quite exhausted. Would like more examples of different sorts of paintings, as well as better explanation of when you push and pull the paint — around edges?

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