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Making Room for Art When You Have No Studio

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Rebecca Humphreys



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1. Hello! 1:45

2. The Handy Stash 5:17

3. The Box Stash 5:07

4. Box Stash Set Ideas 2:47

5. For the Kiddos 1:45

6. Your Turn! 1:17


Learn how to carve out your own creative space no matter how much room you have . Not all of us have the room for an art studio and can struggle with the juggle daily life vs. creating art . In this class, you’ll find some great ways to organize your art supplies so they can be more userfriendly .


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My studio is a 3 tiers trolley (not a box though) where I put all my needle felting tools and materials. I definitely have a very small space and a lot of art supplies. Thank you so much for the really useful advice and the inspiration it has brought!!! wow and wow! amazing class! loved the idea of box stash. Rebecca has a way, a gentle easy to listen to way of getting you motivated to just get busy making art and having fun.

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Such simple ideas, and yet none of it ever occurred to me...? I have had that overwhelming paralysis which has stopped me from creating because I had too much stuff and didn't know where to begin, so I just didn't do anything. It was hard to narrow down drawing tools though: 3 types of gold pens, 3 types of white pens. It can feel overwhelming and sometimes having too many options at my fingertips has a stifling effect.

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