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Magical Watercolour Gradients : Transition Awkward Colours With Ease!

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Liese Ho



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1. Intro 2:22

2. Quick Colour Theory 2:22

3. Set-up 1:51

4. Let's Paint! 4:20

5. Next Level 3:52

6. Sunrise sunset 6:05

7. Speed demo and more tips 4:14

8. You did it! 2:05


A technique for transitioning colours that don’t typically blend well, so you can avoid painting a muddy mess . This technique can be applied anywhere you want to paint a harmonious transition of tricky colours, like the red to green of an autumn leaf . Materials you will need are watercolour paints and paper, a thirsty brush, clean water and a towel .


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I would be happy to take classes and recommend the workshop to everyone. For someone who hasn't touched a watercolor set in like 2 years this was a great change of pace. She is engaging and real, putting the student at ease with a finicky medium. Her engaging and practical way of presenting this method made this short and easy to understand class really enjoyable for me to watch. I found I was able to follow along quite easily with the clear instructions and demonstrations.

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First couple attempts were a little wonky, it seems my paints were not wet enough. I never really understood why some of my colors just didn't look right when I added a new color just next to the first. I have taken a few classes on how to blend watercolors however they were not good at teaching this skill.

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