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Learn to Paint a Dreamy Spring Landscape in Watercolor

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Irina Trzaskos



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1. Introduction 0:45

2. Colors and Supplies 2:26

3. Painting the first layer of landscape 10:13

4. Painting blooming branches 4:32

5. Finishing the landscape 9:17

6. Thank you! 0:34


Watercolor landscapes are a classic subject to paint, it is relaxing and still, it helps you better understand the beautiful and unpredictable watercolor medium . During the class, we will explore main watercolor techniques, such as wet into wet, wet into dry and watercolor textures .


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Irina always have creative ways for you to exercise your painting skills. I highly recommend this class for its inspirational and high quality educational content. Also, very nice is the instruction of techniques and why they are done a certain way. She explained minute details and real time videos really helped to paint while watching her in action. The instructions were easy to follow, and the techniques were useful for creating the various effects. This is an inspiring and beautifully taught landscapes class with helpful real time video lessons.

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I have only tried landscapes a few times and am not comfortable with the genre. Emerald green for example can be different pigment between 2 different brands. Sped up tutorials make it difficult for someone in the beginner/beginner intermediate stage to follow along.

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