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How to Write Killer Keywords for your Stock Footage: Best Practices

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Victoria Smith



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1. Intro 2:56

2. Project Assignment 0:58

3. Description Guidelines 8:06

4. Things to Avoid in Descriptions 4:08

5. Why Keywords are Important 3:37

6. Ideal Order and Number of Keywords 2:27

7. Best Practices Tips 5:26

8. Things to Avoid in Keywords 3:26

9. Brainstorming Methods 9:44

10. Concept and Technical Keywords 4:32


The hourlong class will cover how to write seooptimized stock footage descriptions and keywords for commercial clips following agency best practices from shutterstock, adobe stock, and pond5 . You'll learn how to: write compelling, optimized descriptions choose from several brainstorming methods to write a solid list of keywords .


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I thoroughly enjoyed this class, it exceeded all of my expectations. She can take you from zero to hero in your metadata skills!! her presentation of the information is clear, concise, and accessible. This was a great course that offers great advice and information for inputting meta data for stock footage sites. I now have a much better understanding of how to select keywords and how to use them. I was thankful to hear that a lot of what I was already doing was on the right track!

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There's not a single specific and clear video on this subject even on youtube. Mind as well buy this course and invest into that one hour so you can get it done right. We already spend so much time creating the content and then the other half is properly keywording the videos. As a beginner in stock photography I had a lot of questions about how to write a proper and description and to choose relevant keywords.

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