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Experience Watercolours: Landscape Success for Sure!

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Melinda Wilde



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1. Intro 1:10

2. sky wash and mountains 5:43

3. Glimmering still water 2:58

4. Distant land mass 1:19

5. Closer land mass and trees 4:52

6. Foreground 3:07

7. Finish With Birds 2:43


Melinda wilde's watercolour instruction will take you from never having touched a brush to creating professional looking landscapes . We will cover 8 techniques in a step by step method that gives you an opportunity for success even if you're a beginner . The classes following this one will build on the skills you've learned by repeating some of the skills .


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Easy to follow and had a lot of fun making my landscape. I’m sure anyone with one brush and a simple set of paints could make a beautiful painting after watching this class. I have some experience with watercolor, but learned many new things so I think it’s a great class for any level of experience. The techniques are introduced concisely, clearly and step-by-step. As I'm keen to learn how to do landscapes, with water colors, this tutorial is great for that.

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And although I did it anyway, it wasn't clear whether I was supposed to do the same thing on both paintings or play around a bit to vary each [i varied]. I could really have done with knowing more about the paint the artist was using - mine were pans and look very wishy-washy by comparison.

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