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Candy Sky Landscapes using watercolors.

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Shanan Subhan



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1. Introduction 1:03

2. Art Supplies 2:04

3. Watercolor Techniques 2:12

4. Know your Colors 3:49

5. Practice the Elements 4:29

6. Setup 1:36

7. Painting #1 - Background 11:12

8. Painting #1 Foreground 4:27

9. Painting #2 Backgound 6:29

10. Painting #2 Foreground 2:32


In this class you will learn to paint beautiful candy sky landscapes using watercolors . Watercolors are my favourite medium to paint because of its uncertain nature, one can easily play around with the colors yet achieve amazing results . Join me in this journey and fall in love with the painting process .


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Since it is taken from a beginners perspective it was really helpful for me. Clarity of instruction, examples and the 2 beautiful projects, all have been very helpful. I look forward to paint the class projects and also for future classes of yours! a very detailed class that helps even a beginner to be gain confidence in exploring watercolors and paint candy sky landscapes. Loved the way shanan organised the class and explained all the elements of the painting before starting it...

Worst review

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Again this was only for a min or so in a couple places. The music track at times grew so loud I had to lower the volume, and it overwhelmed the artist's voice.

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