Exploring Our Ocean by Jon Copley (FutureLearn)

Online CoursesNature & EnvironmentExploring Our Ocean4.8 (304 reviews)Explore the half of our planet covered by deep ocean and discover how our lives impact the ocean depths and marine life. Email me when I can join60,283 enrolled on this course


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The future of the ocean

Mobilis in mobili

A living soup

A hidden landscape

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This online course from the University of Southampton explores the impact human activity has on the ocean floor, and starts by thinking about current legislation surrounding the ocean. It starts with understanding how human behaviour affects the floor, and then progresses to understanding how human behaviour has impacted on the ocean’s resources. The course will also explore the impact human activity has had on the ocean’s floor, and the various resources available to us.


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Students appreciated the accessibility of the course, as it was presented in a clear way and had links to further details. They found the topics covered, such as seagrasses, deep sea vents, plastics, climate change, and deep sea mining, to be thought-provoking and informative. The educators were great and the resources provided were helpful. The course led to a new understanding of the deep sea and received praise for its material preparation and abundance of resources.

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