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Watercolor Galaxies - Learn to paint a dreamy night sky by Zaneena Nabeel (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Welcome to my Class :) 1:20

2. Art Supplies 4:04

3. Don't have Turquoise blue? Let's make it :) 4:00

4. A Quick look at what we are painting 1:57

5. Painting the Sky 5:50

6. Adding the Milkyway 2:47

7. Splattering the Stars 3:07

8. Adding the Reflections 4:19

9. Painting the Mountains 3:25

10. Peeling off the Masking tape 1:40

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You'll learn my process for painting a dreamy starry night using watercolors . Each and every material will be specified for everyone to follow, the class will be suitable for beginner and a professional . Join me to create your own aurora! If you like this class, please leave a review that will help this class reach more students .


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After aurora and urban sketching tutorials, this is my next favorite. , I'm a absolute beginner, and I can easy follow the steps! i love that it is filmed in real time and the explanations are clear. The best example was the sketch of where each color was going to be and how it would be applied and blended. And you proved it again.Thanks for inspiring with more fun and amazing projects and classes.Love and hugs. Its a great class for anyone who wants to paint a night sky.

Worst review

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I'll probably try again later to do better reflexion of the mountains. I tried slowing the speed of the stream but that is too slow. Sometimes I think she speaks a bit quickly, and I have a hard time understanding what she said. Personally I would have liked a little bit more instruction and some additional tips for creating the mountains and the light reflections on the mountains since I still struggled with those a bit (maybe because I'm a beginner).

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