Watercolor Florals Master Class - 7 days - 7 paintings - 7 style by Dhritikana Nath (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 2:33

2. Materials Required 3:16

3. 6 Watercolor Pro Techniques 13:46

4. Project 1 Daisy Part 1 18:20

5. Project 1 Daisy Part 2 22:40

6. Project 2 Poppies Part 1 29:14

7. Project 2 Poppies Part 2 17:22

8. Project 3 Hibiscus Part 1 22:17

9. Project 3 Hibiscus Part 2 14:49

10. Project 4 Lilly Part 1 28:35

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Watercolors florals master class is going to equip any level of artist beginner, intermediate or advanced level with all the techniques which they can use . Every watercolor floral project which we will explore through this class has different hacks of drawing like with compass or with a washi tape .


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Her instructions and tips & tricks in between are super helpful and encouraging. Amazing class with great explanations and examples.. Love the class projects. I hadnt painted anything for 1.5 Year and started painting again after this class. I loved the flowers but what I loved most has to be the backgrounds and the loose style. Then the alternative mixes which we can make using primary shades, it would be really really helpful for all. Love how your strokes are so intuitive since they make it look naturally beautiful-

Worst review

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So the result is not very good because against your advice I hurried. I recently started with watercolours and always thought flowers are the most difficult to do. I have never thought I would paint florals, by looking at projects I thought I would never paint these as it seemed difficult for me by seeing them. I have taken a lot of classes on florals but never felt satisfied with the result!

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