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WATERCOLOR CLOUDY SKIES | An easy approach to paint dramatic cloudy skies by Suhasini Badam (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:50

2. Supplies Required 2:40

3. Color Study 10:03

4. Let's Learn Some Techniques 12:14

5. Cloud Study 9:29

6. Class Project I - Cloudy Sky 22:42

7. Class Project II - Stormy Sky 20:01

8. Class Project III - Monochrome Sky 17:53

9. Class Project IV - Wet-On-Dry Cloudy Sky 19:34

10. Conclusion 0:46

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In this class we will learn to paint 4 amazing class projects with different kinds of skies . You will be able to set any mood of your landscape or seascape painting through a clear, sunny sky or a stormy night . The sky can play a supporting role or be the major star of a composition .


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Also the mixing of colors and projects are really helpful to get into practice ! thank you so much for this really helpful class, suhasini! :) suhasini the class was well executed and the projects were so beautiful and well explained. I always wanted to learn and paint realistic and dramatic clouds.This class is perfect to learn the color study and easy techniques that are well explained in the class projects and it was so beautiful class projects.Thank you suhasini for this amazing class.

Worst review

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I could paint skies but it always left me with a feeling of incompleteness. This class has helped me loosen up a bit which I find very difficult to do.

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