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Three ways to paint watercolor bougainvillea trees by Viddhi Saschit (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction to the class 1:11

2. Materials required 1:05

3. Color palette + brush exercise 4:58

4. Tree 1 - using dry technique 4:48

5. Tree 2 - using wet in wet technique 3:42

6. Tree 3 - using dry + wet in wet technique 3:34

7. Overview + more project ideas + next class 1:33

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Bougainvillea's are one of my favorite subjects to paint . In this course you will learn how to paint simple and easy bougainvillea trees in three different techniques dry, wet in wet and drywet in wet . All the three techniques will be taught step by step . There will be a color mixing and a simple brush exercise .


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Lovely class, simple and useful techniques practiced on a nice example. The instructor gives clear instructions and easy-to-follow techniques. I really recommend this class to everyone who want to refine their tree painting skills. The only thing I wish the instructor would do is add some examples with bougainvillea vines and with leaves/green. These remind me of the pure joy I felt when I actually got a bougainvillea tree at my own house in india. Thank you so much viddhi for an amazing quick class on bougainvillea!

Worst review

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Sadly I don’t find too many bougainvilleas in the netherlands! . Now whenever I notice bougainvillea plants while traveling, it only reminds me of this class and of all the pink shades.

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