How to Draw Old School Dungeon Maps by Author Ted Fauster (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. INTRO: How to Draw Old School Dungeon Maps 0:27

2. VIDEO 2 | Pen Selection 0:33

3. VIDEO 3 | Old School Dungeon Maps Symbols & Scale 3:37

4. VIDEO 4 | Outlining Old School Dungeon Maps 3:42

5. VIDEO 5 | Dressing Up Floors In Old School Dungeon Maps 3:48

6. VIDEO 6 | Drawing Old School Dungeon Maps 4:42

7. VIDEO 7 | Class Project 1:01

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In the early days of tabletop role playing (ttrpg), the only way to develop new dungeon maps was to draw your own . What was born from necessity has now become recognized as a kind of throwback art . The appeal and revere of a handdrawn, rustic looking old school dungeon map has never waned .


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And I know I'll be showing off these skills to my players next time we play. This video was exactly what I expected and had the added bonus of being a very relaxing lesson. I do believe that ted has turned me on to an incredibly therapeutic and enjoyable hobby. I love doing fine detail work and this method of drawing dungeons is perfect for me. Ted does an absolutely amazing job of demystifying the techniques used to bring blah maps to life!

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One of the reasons I rarely followed through on drawing dungeon maps for my games was the fact that I would spend hours simply because I could not handle when my lines weren't perfect, or things were symmetrical.

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