Anyone Can Paint: Learn to Paint 10 Easy Watercolor Sunsets by Zaneena Nabeel (Skillshare)

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Simple, practical and complete (11%)
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Course content

1. Hello & Welcome Back! 1:56

2. Class Projects 1:20

3. About Watercolors 2:28

4. Materials You'll Need 4:34

5. Watercolor Washes 8:06

6. Class Projects 3:00

7. Preparing the Paper 4:30

8. Taping the Paper 2:45

9. Orange Sunset 10:22

10. Glowing Lights 9:41

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Aims to show you that anyone can paint even if you are trying art for the first time, you just need some passion and patience . Each of the 10 mini sunsets can be done in 10 minutes and the best part is that each of them can be easily done in just 10 minutes .


Best review

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Such an amazing class this is with such detailed explanation of everything. Unbelievable beautiful projects in just 10-15 mins is something I could never imagine. Great class to practice your washes and have beautiful paintings at the end! simple and elegant class by z....Loved the colour combination....And how easily each painting can be painted in 10-20 mins.... And - I really like that at the end of each class project we can get a preview of the next one!

Worst review

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This is one watercolor class which claims to be beginner friendly and actually turned out to be one. I feel like the teacher goes very fast while actually painting so it's very hard to follow without stopping every 3 seconds to catch up.

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