Easy Gardening: Indoor Edible Plants by Sunny Green (Skillshare)

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1 hours

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Helpful Guide, Beginner Friendly (13%)
Knowledge and Experience Teaching (11%)
Recommended, Engaging and Informative (10%)
Getting Started and Basic Essentials (10%)
Good and logic Introduction (10%)

Course content

1. 01 Introduction 1:45

2. 02 Background 2:34

3. 03 Supplies and Equipment 7:36

4. 04 Process 4:05

5. 05 Harvesting 1:09

6. 06 Examples and Tips 4:19

7. 07 Bonus Recipes 7:57

8. 08 Conclusion 0:36

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This course will teach you how to grow microgreens indoors without the need for much space, energy, or equipment. Our goal is to help get you gardening with a minimum of expense and effort so you can enjoy fresh, healthy plants as a part of your daily life. Go from seed to dinner table in 2 weeks.


Best review

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Students appreciated the simplicity and helpfulness of the class on growing microgreens indoors. They found the tips and tricks provided useful, especially for beginners. The course also emphasized the environmental impact and included additional recipes for using microgreens.

Worst review

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Some students found the class on growing microgreens indoors lacking in depth and complexity. They felt that the course could have provided more advanced techniques and information. Additionally, a few students mentioned that the focus on environmental impact overshadowed other important aspects of microgreen cultivation.

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