Flutter - How to Build an Ultimate Responsive App by Naresh Idiga (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Build A Responsive App Course Preview 2:19

2. Responsive Design Theory Part1 3:36

3. Responsive Design Theory Part2 11:39

4. Responsive Design Theory Part3 8:20

5. Build A Responsive App - Introduction 3:51

6. Build A Responsive App - MediaQuery Widget 6:52

7. Build A Responsive App - LayoutBuilder Widget 5:21

8. Build A Responsive App - OrientationBuilder Widget 0:55

9. Build A Responsive App - Adaptive Components 2:12

10. Build A Responsive App - Summary 1:07

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This course provides a foundation on which responsive design can be learned and used in future projects. It does this by providing examples of how responsive design can be used in various projects. The first course teaches how to respond to different screen sizes and devices, while the second course teaches how to implement responsive design into an app. There is a third course that can be used as a foundation if desired. All of the courses are required for any person or group looking to develop responsive apps.


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