Robotic Vision: Making Robots See by Edward Pepperell (FutureLearn)

Online CoursesIT & Computer ScienceRobotic Vision: Making Robots SeeCreate your own robotic vision system as you take part in a vision project and learn how to write the code to make your robot see.Email me when I can join4,292 enrolled on this course


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Course content

colour segmentation

homogeneous coordinates

image formation

planar homography

homography matrices

blobs and their properties, such as size, shape and position

vision system integration (optional).

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This three-week course will guide you through the essential skills needed to make a robotic vision system. You'll develop your knowledge of image geometry before learning the programming skills used in robotic vision. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of robotics and practical skills as you're guided by experts at Queensland University of Technology to complete a robotic vision system. You'll also learn how to program a robotic vision system with the help of software like MATLAB. You'll take part in a robotic vision programming project to learn important functions such as improving colour segmentation, detecting shape and size, improving homography matrix, rectifying your image, and forming a complete vision system. Along the way, you'll build skills that can help you in later programs.


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