Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business by Youngju Nielsen (FutureLearn)

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Course content

Identifying the same group of customers using clustering

Forecasting the real estate price using an artificial neural network

The concept of data-driven decision making

Solving customer churning problem using classification techniques

Supervised learning vs. Unsupervised learning

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This course covers the history and use of predictive analytics, with attention being given to statistical methods and data mining. It also covers the potential benefits of predictive analytics, with training being the goal. Finally, the course ends with a discussion of the relationships between predictive analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing.


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Students appreciated the helpfulness of the FutureLearn course in understanding artificial intelligence and its application in business decisions. They found the practical examples beneficial in integrating the course into their daily lives, both at home and at work. The course was designed effectively for profitable use of AI.

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Students provided critical feedback regarding the disjointed construction of the course and the incorrect use of connecting the picture and the course. They found the picture to be basic and lacking in effectively showcasing the FutureLearn course and its content on AI and ML. Suggestions were given to improve the connection between the picture and the course.

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