Watercolor Northern Lights ( 5 Easy Projects) - The Complete Guide by Dhritikana Nath (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 2:49

2. Pep Talk 4:49

3. All about Inspiration 2:30

4. Materials required and its importance 5:52

5. Brush Control 10:10

6. How to paint the lights Controlled Humidity 6:14

7. Colors 1:14

8. Lets Pour Project 1 12:28

9. Lets Pour Project 2 13:32

10. Multiple Lights on the Mountain Part 1 8:52

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We will be exploring the beauty of northern lights in this class . We will start with learning about how the lights take their direction . Followed by two easy pour method class projects, leading to three beautiful class projects which helps to explore the spectacular polar lights . This class is suitable for a beginner or an intermediate level artist as we will be working with limited supplies .


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Thank you once again dhritikana, please keep your amazing classes coming! this class is so inviting ♥ you can't ignore the vibrant colors! i really appreciate you shooting a class for us with step by step instructions. Dhriti also highlights every now and then how we need to hold the brush to get the exact brush stroke needed. I loved the section on basic brush strokes required for this class. Looking forward to the advanced class on this ( when I get some practice!) keep yp the good work!

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It would be more attractive if the class covers more interesting northern light pattern. Where I live, I don't get most of the materials at the local stores and I don't completely trust online stores unless I get the links from an authentic source. I have one suggestion though, if you could provide the product links of the materials used, it would be very helpful. I wouldn't say this is something a beginner should start out with as the pouring technique can quickly run out of control.

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