The Full JavaScript & ES6 Tutorial - (including ES7 & React) [2/2] by David Katz (Skillshare)

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Engaging Instructor (24%)
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Diverse and new content (17%)
Helpful material and exercises (16%)
Clear and structured (8%)

Course content

1. Presenting Classes 1:56

2. Defining Classes 4:08

3. inheriting Classes 5:05

4. Static Methods in Classes 2:54

5. Highlighting Differences between Classes and Prototypes 2:17

6. Prototypes 7:13

7. Presenting Data Structures in ES6 1:48

8. Writing a Set 5:39

9. Presenting Maps 1:20

10. Writing a Map 8:54

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The indepth tutorial on javascript and es6 is a great intro to javascript as a first programming language . The videos will ensure that you understand the reason behind each new line and keyword . Optional quizzes and coding challenges reinforce key concepts . The coding breaks in each section allow you to approach the course at your own pace .


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I have been a few month in dev life but this examples help me a lot to understand how is working the js structure.

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Why in every second video I have to turn volum down ??? although engaging and knowledgeable, the presenter often sacrifices nuance for over the top excitement about literally everything. A similar compromise is made for vowels and pronunciation in favor of speed. Listening to a constant imperative tone of mispronunciations makes learning exhausting, not exciting. C do not support oop, because c has no concept of classes, objects, polymorphism, inheritance, etc. ;) Lost some time trying to figure out how to solve dependency and icon issues.

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