20 Types of Watercolor Leaves - Step by Step by Pooja Kenjale-Umrani (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:30

2. Supplies 1:27

3. Palm Leaf & Other Common Shapes (PART 1) 5:58

4. Long Flowy Leaves (PART 2) 3:16

5. Oval & ridged leaves (PART 3) 5:57

6. Eucalyptus & Fern type Leaves (PART 4) 6:18

7. Clustered leaves & pine branch (PART 5) 5:03

8. Delicate branches & filler leaves (PART 6) 6:21

9. Your Project & Conclusion 1:09

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In this class you will paint with me 20 different types of leafy branches to make your own set of leaves to refer to . The leaves you learn to paint in this class will help you design greeting cards, note cards, wall paintings for home decor, or simple stationery items like gift tags, envelopes, and bookmarks .


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Gave me lots of ideas for new leaf shapes, as well as fun ways to mix pretty colors. Loved the class and will use these beautiful leaves in future projects! ** I would recommend this class for any level water-colorist. I recommend this to everyone who loves practicing their leaves forms and design. The selection of leaves was a wide variety which will be relevant to many different types of projects. Really enjoyed trying out different shapes to get different effects and different types of leaves.

Worst review

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Instructor moves to quick to follow instructions, hand in the way cannot see what is being done, no music or other soothing music without constant repetition would help from distracting. The video only showed the last part of the 5th stem of leaves and some of the quality was poor at times. The sections were not rushed through so a beginner could follow along without having to pause the video a million times. I am not a precise painter and would have to practice a lot to get it right.

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