Data Science 101: Python Data Visualization for Beginners by Alvin Wan (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:41

2. Project: A/B Webpage Test 1:45

3. Python Refresher 9:57

4. Privacy-First Experimental Design 3:26

5. Preprocessing Data in Pandas 8:12

6. Analyzing Data in Pandas 9:55

7. Visualizing Data in Matplotlib 24:35

8. Conclusion 1:13

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This course is for business professionals or aspiring data scientists who understand the basics of coding. All you need is a laptop, internet, and 30 minutes to participate. The goal is to compare the effectiveness of two webpages, A/B testing to see if the two websites are more effective, or simply learning the basics of coding to get started. You'll also learn Python and SQL, and can start learning coding today. If you're unfamiliar with Python or SQL, don't worry. Each class takes about an hour. There is a course called "Coding 101" that is the first step in learning coding. Finally, follow me on Skillshare to be the first to learn more courses in this area.


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Students appreciate the code learning and practical examples provided in the course. They find the chapters on importing data and giving an overview helpful. They also appreciate the focus on teaching individual behavior through a student's reaction.

Worst review

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Students find the first two chapters lacking context and the division of sections in the second chapter confusing. They struggle to follow the content in the final two chapters due to the amount of work involved. The third chapter is considered too long and difficult to understand.

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