How To Be Happy: Learn Practical Techniques You Can Start Using TODAY Towards a Happier Life by Curious Pavel (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Trailer 1:22

2. My Promise to YOU 2:43

3. Key 1 - Environment 10:17

4. Key 2 - Choices 6:39

5. Key 3 - Disappointments 10:53

6. Key 4 - Other People's Opinion 4:59

7. Key 5 - Perfectionism 5:49

8. Key 6 - Be Positive 12:15

9. Key 7 - Perspective 7:18

10. Key 8 - The World Moves On 8:05

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In this course, we'll discuss common problems we face and give practical solutions to those problems . For full happiness, you can't use just one or two of the tips from this course. You have to use as many as possible. The whole course is designed in a way that you can get back to it at any given moment and rewatch only a specific part you need to refresh.


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Pavel knows his stuff, definitely able to preach in an engaging manner. His energy is fantastic, and he really wants you to take these ideas on-board and improve your own happiness. The bite-sized chapters are concise and engaging, and full of practical ideas to implement straight away. Pavel does a great job at looking at the various areas of your life and how you can go about creating more positive environments. I highly recommend watching all episodes because I learned many things and the examples are spot on.

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