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Sell on Etsy - How to Open a Successful Etsy Shop | Complete Course by Austen Hartley (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:04

2. Brief Overview 0:46

3. Opening Your Shop 25:49

4. Product Research 8:00

5. Digital Vs Physical Products 5:43

6. Product Listing Photos 13:23

7. Etsy Update 4:38

8. Creating a Listing that Converts Part 1 15:56

9. Creating a Listing that Converts Part 2 10:16

10. How to Ship your Products ! 5:11

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i take you through the complete process of setting up and optimizing your own etsy store . We go through every step from opening a store to building optimized product listings that sell . Using techniques i go through in this course i was able to make a full time income in just a few months . Click this link to join the email chat and ask me questions and get feedback .


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Great teacher, good tips, things to think about and implement. I love that he offers his time to assist after the class ends! one of the best class to learn in depth for etsy store! esty has always been a point of apprehension but with this video series, I believe I can confidently sell on the platform. If you follow the videos and take some notes you will crush it. I am almost done setting up my shop and my first 3 listings.

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I've had an etsy store for a few years now and haven't had much luck. I've personally been on the fence about what all is entailed with starting a etsy store for my 3d printed projects. Before doing so, I will be watching this video a few more times for missing nuggets of priceless information.

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