Proven & PROFITABLE Amazon PPC Course - 2022 Step-by-Step Guide (Part 5) by Sumner Hobart (Skillshare)

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7 hours

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Getting Started and Basic Essentials (12%)
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Course content

1. WELCOME to the 2022 Proven & PROFITABLE Amazon PPC Class! 3:10

2. What Is Amazon PPC & How Does It Work? 5:09

3. Amazon PPC Terms Simplified 11:31

4. Amazon PPC Campaign Types 3:28

5. Do This Before EVEN THINKING About Advertising On Amazon! 5:57

6. Keyword Match Types Explained 10:05

7. The RIGHT Amazon PPC Campaign Structure 3:42

8. What Is Your Goal? (MUST WATCH!) 7:53

9. Selecting The RIGHT Starting Bid 8:09

10. Portfolios - Keep Your Campaigns Organized! 3:43

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The course discusses how to SKYROCKET your Amazon sales, keyword ranking and reviews starting this month, through effective Amazon PPC advertising. The author describes how to use the courses to increase rank, review visibility and profit. The course also includes tips and tricks not found elsewhere.


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Students appreciate the Amazon Kindle Oasis course for being clear, direct, and helpful for all sellers. They find the tutorials and examples valuable for learning new skills, and they appreciate that the course is available on Udemy.

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