How To Stay Motivated as a Small YouTuber by Coralie Campbell (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:10

2. My Small YouTuber Experience 1:33

3. How To Visualise your Goals 2:10

4. Set Rewards 2:42

5. Stay Greatful and Hopeful 1:05

6. YouTube's a Lottery 0:57

7. Passion and Priority 2:09

8. Dont give up!! 2:10

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This class is all about how to stay motivated on youtube when you just don't seem the be growing the way you want to . Youtube is a lot of hard work and staying motivated can be difficult, but trust me, it's worth it . If you need a pick me up and a reminder about staying motivated and passionate about the content you're creating, this class is for you .


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Your happiness and positivity is enough to stay motivated as small youtuber. Quick, engaging, practical class that offers hope and a few practical tips. Definitely inspiring for individuals like myself looking to begin their youtube career! i´m just starting my channel on youtube and seeing your experience helped me a lot to keep me motivated very helpful for everyone who wants to start a youtube channel or demotivated youtubers who need a boost of motivation. Coralie is a great teacher and nudges you just the right amount.

Worst review

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However, I feel like there were no deep insights or actionable plans beyond "don't lose hope". So if you enter youtube just because the money you will not succeed and you will lose your time in noting ,,,, i feel like this is more of a youtube video than a class. I would have liked more materials, deeper content, instructions on how to plan content, striking a balance between work and play...

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