Data Analytics Methods for Marketing by Anke Audenaert (Coursera)

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Good and logic Introduction (22%)
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Applied fundamentals and worthy instructor (17%)
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Practical and focused on Evaluations (12%)

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Find Your Audience With Segmentation

Analytics for Planning and Forecasting

Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness

Optimizing Your Marketing Mix

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This course explores common analytics methods used by marketers. You'll learn how to define a target audience using segmentation with K-means clustering, and learn how to predict and forecast advertising effectiveness and optimize your advertising mix. You'll also learn to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising using segmentation and observational methods, and make marketing decisions through research and analysis using statistics. Finally, you'll learn to use data for marketing in your business.


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Students appreciated the well-designed and interesting course. They found the instructor's approach methodical and comprehensive, which helped them understand the marketing industry in more detail.

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Students found it problematic that the class did not provide any data set to practice with. They suggested that including practice exercises or providing data sets would improve the course.

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