Daily Scrum Deep Dive by Will Jeffrey (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Course Overview 3:46

2. What are you syncing about? 1:35

3. Why these 3 questions? 3:40

4. Deep dive into the 3 questions 7:11

5. How to plan the meeting? 5:00

6. How to participate effectively? 5:13

7. How about the content? 3:54

8. How to run the meeting? 5:45

9. Get the most out of the Daily Scrum 3:23

10. Bonus: How to walk the board 2:42

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Daily scrum meetings (also known as a "daily standup" or "morning rollcall") are probably the most visible component of scrum . The daily scrum is a recurring opportunity for the team to get together and discuss their progress against that shared commitment . This course includes pieces of advice for distributed teams and remote workers .


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The course was easy to follow and was able to gain more knowledge from a scrum point of view. I did not like the robotic nature and grammar of the video, but I found the information to be very detailed and useful.

Worst review

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It's quite annoying to learn from a robot voice, and the editing of the last lesson was horrible, you skipped over a few examples but left 1 or 2 seconds presenting them.

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