Introduction to Data for Business Leaders by Craig Paterson (FutureLearn)

Online CoursesBusiness & ManagementIntroduction to Data for Business Leaders4.8 (16 reviews)A leadership course that goes beyond the hype surrounding data by focusing on the practicalities of achieving business outcomes.Email me when I can join5,039 enrolled on this course


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Getting Started and Basic Essentials (14%)
Good and logic Introduction (11%)
Practical and focused on Evaluations (10%)
Clear and Concise Explanations (10%)
Knowledge and Experience Teaching (9%)

Course content

Full data maturity assessment

Driving value from data

Case studies and data analytics maturity

Tips for successful execution

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This course is focused on the practicalities of achieving business outcomes. It explores data at an introductory level, and participants will be able to: 1. Describe how organisations use data to drive value. 2. Identify and classify data. 3. Explain how data mature your organisation is and identify what to do to increase your maturity to align with your ambitions. 4. Summarise the main challenges organisations face.


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Students appreciated the informative nature of the course and its focus on the value of data. They found the course leader's approach of using real-world examples to make the subject matter relatable and practical. The course was praised for its clear and well-arranged content.

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Some students expressed disappointment with the course, stating that it fell short compared to the Cyber Security course. They found it less engaging and felt that it could have been improved in certain areas.

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