Essentials in Arts Fundraising by Michelle Wright (FutureLearn)

Online CoursesBusiness & ManagementEssentials in Arts Fundraising4.4 (9 reviews)Develop practical skills to help you fundraise from a variety of sources and build resilience in arts and culture organisations.Email me when I can join1,155 enrolled on this course


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Introduction to fundraising, what makes effective and sustainable fundraising, and assessing potential income streams.

Approaches to fundraising at times of crisis.

Making the most of digital fundraising possibilities.

Developing corporate sponsorship programmes: design, implementation, ethics and evaluation.

Creating individual giving schemes and exploring the different motivations of donors.

Writing effective fundraising applications.

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This course is designed to help arts and culture organisations fundraise effectively from a variety of sources and build resilience in the face of crisis. It teaches how to fundraise from a variety of sources and how to identify and approach corporate partners. Finally, it explores the benefits and challenges of fundraising with various corporate partners.


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Students appreciated the thoroughness and helpfulness of the course. They found it beneficial for art-related organizations and appreciated the inclusion of case studies. The course provided a simple and straightforward understanding of the fundraising cycle for art organizations.

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Some students found the course too simple and straightforward, lacking in depth. They suggested the need for more advanced information and analysis related to fundraising in art organizations. Additionally, some students felt that the course could have included more interactive elements or practical exercises.

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