The Complete Conversion Optimization course by Ruben De Boer (Skillshare)

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4 hours

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Good and logic Introduction (21%)
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Course content

1. Course goals and benefits 2:21

2. Why conversion optimization 1:27

3. What is A/B testing 1:04

4. Two tips to start your CRO success 1:57

5. Course structure 1:11

6. Know your company goals and KPIs 2:59

7. Optimization research sources 1:19

8. Expert review theory I 7:11

9. Expert review theory II 4:12

10. Expert review 4:34

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The course, "Do You Want to Increase Your Conversion Rates? Get More A/B test winners and become a Conversion Rate Optimization expert?" is a comprehensive blueprint for every step of the CRO process. In addition to this, the course is designed for Conversion specialists who want to excel in their line of work. It is also designed for marketers, growth hackers and designers who want to learn Conversion optimization. And for entrepreneurs who want to keep increasing the conversion rates of their website. The course is very practical and engaging. It will be a lot of fun and hopefully very useful.


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Students appreciate the comprehensive nature of the course on optimization and its relevance to navigating political games in companies. They found the teacher, Ruben, to be knowledgeable and the course easy to follow. The course is also beneficial for those interested in digital business and marketing.

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