Periodismo digital y combate a las fake news by John Mill Ackerman Rose (Coursera)

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Los géneros periodísticos

Técnicas periodísticas y combate a las fake news

Periodismo digital seguro, con ética y perspectiva de género

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Este curso tiene como objetivo proporcionar las herramientas básicas para ejercer el periodismo digital con compromiso y responsabilidad. Participan destacados académicos, periodistas y servidores públicos especializados en temas de periodismo y combate a las noticias falsas.


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Students appreciate the well-written and informative content of the course. They find it excellent for learning about the history and meaning of art. The course is beneficial to those who want to delve deeper into this subject.

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Some students find the course to be too short, which limits their learning experience. They suggest that the course could be expanded to provide more comprehensive content on the history and meaning of art.

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