Mapper: Navigating Digital Career Tools by Michaela Eschbach (FutureLearn)

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How digital tools will help young people to develop skills they will need in the future to succeed

How you can start to apply this now and make the changes that so desperately need to happen

How the world of work is changing and why we need to change with it

What digital tools are available to help you, where you can access them and how to use them

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This course explores ways to help students make better decisions about their future, including through digital tools. It includes reviews of some of the more popular digital career tools, as well as how to help students understand the job market and better guide their career.


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The course provides a comprehensive overview of career education and helps educators plan their curriculum. It offers helpful reports and examples for students to approach and pursue careers.

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The course misses out on the significant disruption in the 4th industrial revolution. It could be more up-to-date with the current state of the career education industry and should mention the availability of visitors from the industry.

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