How to Create a Successful Website Design & SEO Business for 2022 by Leighton Smith (Skillshare)

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21 hours

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Practical and focused on Evaluations (15%)
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Good and logic Introduction (11%)
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Course content

1. Introduction 3:13

2. PART 1: Fundamentals of Web Design 4:04

3. Coding 12:48

4. Domains 11:19

5. Hosting 39:17

6. Emails 33:10

7. SSL Security 20:05

8. WordPress 17:52

9. Divi Theme 16:30

10. PART 2: How to Build a Website 48:49

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This web design business course is designed to help individuals learn how to design and manage a website, as well as create and use images and design, and how to get started with a business model and customer service. It requires WordPress and the Divi theme. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are required.


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Students appreciate the comprehensive and easy-to-read nature of the course on creating a successful Web Design business. They find the instructor clear and helpful in their instructions. The course is particularly beneficial for beginners in the field. Overall, students believe the course offers great value.

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Some students have found the music to be too loud in certain parts of the course, making it difficult to hear the instructor's instructions. This issue suggests a need for better audio balance. However, despite this problem, the course is still regarded as great and valuable.

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