Digital Content for a Fashion and Trend Magazine by Pe Saldías (Domestika_EN)

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Good and logic Introduction (24%)
Getting Started and Basic Essentials (24%)
Recommended, Engaging and Informative (16%)
Effective Training Methods (15%)
Knowledge and Experience Teaching (14%)

Course content

Introduction to digital content

Trend and fashion research

Conceptual and creative development

Project launch

Final project

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This course focuses on the challenges and successes of digital marketing for fashion and design. We learn about the different aspects of digital content marketing, from thinking about what fashion and design news stories need to be about, to how to develop your content ideas. We also learn how to create and launch a digital magazine, and how to get the most out of their social media and marketing opportunities.


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Students appreciate The Loveable Course for its informative and inspiring content. They particularly enjoy the abundance of examples provided, which help them understand how to make their writing more loveable. The course also makes the process of creating magazines seem easier.

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Some students have provided critical feedback about The Loveable Course. They find the course to be repetitive, as it heavily relies on examples without offering much variety in terms of content. Additionally, some students feel that the course oversimplifies the process of creating magazines, which may not accurately reflect the real challenges faced in the industry.

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