Designing an E-commerce Brand Experience by Adoratorio Studio (Domestika_EN)

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3 hours

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Effective Training Methods (15%)
Detailed Material and Advanced Content (15%)
Good and logic Introduction (11%)
Getting Started and Basic Essentials (11%)
Useful and practical Content (10%)

Course content


Definition of the content and target of a commerce brand

Realization of the design of a commerce brand

Refine and present the work to the client

Final project

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This online course is about how to start a business in a new environment, using technology and storytelling to create a unique experience for customers. It starts with a definition of content and target audience, and goes on to discuss how to create a design process and effective way of communication. The final project includes a case study and tips for improving success.


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Students appreciate the course for its great designers and interesting ideas. They find the course helpful and appreciate the sections on Inspiration and micro-animations motion design in Adobe XD. The course is considered one of the best they have ever taken.

Worst review

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Students feel that the course is not technical enough, especially for those who are specifically looking for a course about Adobe XD. They suggest that the course could be more comprehensive and provide more technical information.

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