Business Analytics Using Forecasting by Steven Wang (FutureLearn)

Online CoursesBusiness & ManagementBusiness Analytics Using Forecasting4.5 (15 reviews)Discover how business can harness the power of big data to make better predictive analysis.Email me when I can join18,271 enrolled on this course


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Model deployment

Goal definitions

Data modeling

Data visualisation

Performance evaluation

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This course learns how to use data to create powerful business forecasts and explore how it's used by business. It includes 14 positive reviews. The course also learns how to use big data to get the most out of data, and looks at how it's used by business.


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Students appreciate the XLMiner course as a great way to learn about time-series business analytics. They found it beneficial for gaining confidence in this area and pursuing a career in business analysis. The course is designed as a primer and provides much-needed knowledge. It also helps students understand the transformation of mathematical formulas into data and the role of data in decision-making.

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Some students found the XLMiner course difficult, which could be a drawback. They also expressed a need for more practical examples and real-world applications. Additionally, there were suggestions for improving the course's organization and providing more interactive learning opportunities. Overall, students had some concerns about the course's accessibility and applicability to real-life scenarios.

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