Introduction to Visual Journalism by Gladys Serrano (Domestika_EN)

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The importance of journalistic stories

Field work

Giving shape to our project

Final project

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This online course from audiovisual journalist Gladys Serrano is about how to create compelling pieces of journalism that uphold freedom and change. It teaches how to communicate real stories through images and images from a journalistic perspective. The courses starts with introduction U1U1, and goes on to teach you about Gladys Serrano, who is a photographer and who has been covering stories in Mexico, the US, and Honduras for EL PAÍS and Expansión. Gladys introduces you to some free alternatives to the technical aspects of this course, such as camera phone records and digital cameras. Finally, the course ends with a overview of the project FP and how to make a piece about it.


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Gladys Tello es una escritora de El País con experiencia en producción de medios y un enfoque en la creación de imágenes y videos utilizando la voz. Tiene un historial destacado de crear contenido de alta calidad y una perspectiva única que enriquece el curso. Es una oportunidad para aprender más sobre su trabajo y cómo crea su contenido.

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