Easy Floral Woman Head, Digital Art Created in Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Design Basics by Slatko Studio (Skillshare)

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1. Intro 2:00

2. Lasso & Ereaser Tool 7:18

3. Apply Filters 3:55

4. CompositionofArt 10:26

5. Save & Export 4:10

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In this class, you will learn how to create abstract art using only Adobe Photoshop. You will need Adobe Photoshop to create the images, and you can also use the Lasso, Eraser, and Applying Filters to create the images. You should check out the class project to see if you need any new resources. Before starting, make sure you check out the class project and follow along with the class. This class is for anyone who has some minimum basic knowledge in Adobe Photoshop. You don't need to be an expert but some familiarity with Adobe Photoshop might come in handy. You can try and follow a class if you do not know anything about Adobe Photoshop. All of the resources will be linked below alongside cheat sheets. You will need to read and understand the guides before starting. Happy creating!


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