Create Easy & Engaging Instagram Stories by Deepa Paul (Skillshare)

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Getting Started and Basic Essentials (13%)
Practical and focused on Evaluations (13%)
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Course content

1. Introduction 2:02

2. Your Class Project 1:47

3. Quick Start: Create Your First Instagram Story 1:40

4. Add Text and Handwritten Elements 1:48

5. Tag Locations & Other Instagram Users 2:09

6. Video Tips & Tricks 2:20

7. Hashtag Hacks 2:37

8. Engage Followers with Questions and Polls 2:14

9. Save Story Highlights 2:35

10. Tell Your Story! Final Tips & Wrap up 1:45

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This class provides tips for creating engaging Instagram stories, as well as tips for how to create stories that will reach a wider audience. The instructor is provided with a class project that is designed to create a week's worth of Instagram stories.


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Students appreciated the helpfulness of the teacher in providing tips for creating Instagram Stories. The class was beneficial for those who were new to this or still learning.

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Some students found it difficult to follow the instructions and demonstrations, which hindered their learning experience in the class. Improvements could be made in the clarity of the instructions.

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