Abstract Portraiture with Photoshop and After Effects by Klarens Malluta (Domestika_EN)

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Getting Started

Creating Portraits

Final Effects and Exporting

Final project

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This course is about working with abstract content and using digital tools to make colorful and unusual paintings. Klarens Malluta shares his journey and advice for students to learn more about abstract art. They will need Adobe Photoshop and After Effects installed and used. The course starts with getting started with Photoshop and After Effects with how to decipher artwork and identify the different elements and techniques used. Next, you will need to access a computer with Adobe After Effects installed and required. You will need to know how to use Adobe Photoshop and After Effects if you are new to the software. Then, you will create two portraits with a gradient map and a PDT animation. You will need to know how to export the finished work in multiple formats for social media and Instagram.


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The students appreciate the detailed and well-organized nature of The Klarens Malluta Awesome Course. They find the creative techniques explained in detail to be helpful and informative. The course is suitable for beginners and even those who are new to this style of art. The availability of useful resources for future projects is also highly appreciated. Additionally, the instructor's willingness to answer questions is valued by the students.

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Some students have provided critical feedback regarding The Klarens Malluta Awesome Course. They have found certain recurring issues such as a lack of advanced techniques and limited scope for experienced artists. Some students also suggest improvements in terms of providing more interactive elements and opportunities for hands-on practice. Overall, while the course is beneficial for beginners, there is room for enhancement to cater to the needs of more advanced learners.

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