Stencil print your own fabric. Easy techniques for beautiful patterns by Pauline Greuell (Skillshare)

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1 hours

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Course content

1. Intro 1:47

2. Class project 0:34

3. Materials you will need 6:05

4. About stencil printing 3:10

5. Finding inspiration 2:51

6. Sketching a motif 4:45

7. Cutting a stencil 11:31

8. Setting up workspace 2:01

9. Printing techniques: making a library of printed motifs 15:46

10. About tossed patterns 2:19

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This class is for complete beginners who want to make printed patterns, but they don't want to go to a studio to print and buy expensive equipment. The class is also for people who want to take stencil printing to a next level, by working with very simple motifs in a Scandi Japanese style. Finally, the class teaches you different kinds of printing techniques with a stencil and a brush to make your printed patterns look really interesting.


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Students appreciated the amazing teacher who provided clear and concise information. They enjoyed learning different techniques for stencil printing and found the inspiration and class to be very helpful.

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