One stroke painting for beginners and intermediate level students ( flower in the vase and a rose) by Fathima Aafreen (Skillshare)

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1 hours

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Course content

1. Introduction 2:28

2. Materials Required 0:56

3. Basic proportion of colours to load your brush. 0:51

4. Project 1: colourful Rose, Basic strokes 6:33

5. Project 1: colourful Rose 6:33

6. Project 1: Final composition,adding tiny flowers and leaves around the rose. 9:55

7. Project 2: Flowers in the Vase, basic strokes 15:30

8. Project 2: basic strokes 15:30

9. Project 2: final project, Flowers in the Vase. 15:05

10. Conclusion 2:20

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This course explains a lot of things about one stroke technique. We'll be doing two projects, one is a colourful bright rose and the other is like a bunch of flowers in the wooden vase. In project 1, we'll be doing a clean rose while in project 2 we'll be doing a bright blue rose. Each one of these projects takes place in a different atmosphere: a colourful bright rose takes place in a room with light and a bunch of flowers in a dark room. Both projects areabinored with the use of easy techniques and proportions, and eventually result in a beautiful flower composition.


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