Expressive Oil Portraiture: Explore the Alla Prima Technique by A.J. Alper (Domestika_EN)

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This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to paint oil portraits alongside renowned painter AJ Alper. He specializes in oil painting and is passionate about the language it conveys when depicting people, faces, and emotions. In this course, you will learn how to set up your palette, through color mixing and explore composition and brush stroke techniques, to achieve captivating results. You will also learn how to dry and varnish your oil paint in the final stage. AJ's tips for care and selling your portrait include selling using the "the-best-ways-to-sell-my-portrait" list. You should also be familiar with Photoshop and other similar software to adjust the color range of your photo reference.


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Students appreciate AJ's mentorship and continuous research about old masters. They find the time lapse demo wonderful and are curious about his painting process. The course is highly recommended and offers great value for the price. Students learn tremendously from AJ's videos.

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Some students feel that the course lacks information on how to use the paint. However, overall, the course is clear, organized, and easy to learn. It is informative and great for intermediate students. The downloadable resources provide excellent information.

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