Creating Jewelry with Polymer Clay by Marisa Clemente (Domestika_EN)

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Know the materials, conceptualization and design

Hands on

Time to color

Finishing and disseminating your art around the world

Final project

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The Polymer Clay course is designed for artists who want to create signature jewelry with polymer clay. You will learn how to prepare and model your pieces with this course, which begins with a understanding of the materials and how to develop your style. You will also need modeling tools, acrylic paint, polymer clay varnish, paintbrushes, and paint nodes. The course ends with a few tips and advice on how to promote and store your work.


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Students appreciate the excellent structure of the course and find it perfect for beginners. They enjoy the clear and easy-to-follow instructions provided by the instructor. The course offers beautiful projects, demonstrations, and helpful tips and tricks for beginners. It focuses on teaching how to start with polymer clay, including glazing and baking techniques. Students also appreciate Marisa as a great teacher who explains techniques effectively.

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Some students have provided critical feedback regarding the additional materials not being in English. This language barrier makes it difficult for them to follow the instructions. However, overall, students still find the course excellent and beneficial for beginners.

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