Color Collector: Explore the Art of Color Mixing With Gouache Skillshare Staff Pick by Marie-Noëlle Wurm (Skillshare)

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4 hours

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Good and logic Introduction (10%)
Practical and focused on Evaluations (9%)
Clear and Concise Explanations (9%)
Knowledge and Experience Teaching (9%)
Applied fundamentals and worthy instructor (8%)

Course content

1. Introduction 3:22

2. Tools for the Class 3:07

3. PART 1 — Color Swatch Collecting — Collecting Grays 10:34

4. Color values 0:51

5. Collecting Tints & Shades 9:36

6. Introducing the Color Wheel 2:02

7. Collecting Color Wheels 7:43

8. Understanding Warm-Cool Colors 4:44

9. Color Bias & How it Affects Your Color Wheel 2:57

10. Collecting Warm & Cool Colors — Exercise 8:58

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In this class, we will be taking a deep dive into the concept of color mixing and creative color collection. Through hands-on color mixing techniques, collection of color swatches and color wheel, we can start to create our own color collecting adventure. If you are already familiar with the concept, then feel free to jump into the second part of the class.


Best review

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Students appreciated the comprehensive nature of the class and the useful reference booklet provided. They enjoyed the challenges/lessons and found the interactive color wheel helpful. The inclusion of quotes by famous artists was also well-received. The exercises were abundant and provided opportunities for further exploration.

Worst review

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Some students found the background music distracting and felt it made them feel hyper. They suggested removing or adjusting the volume of the music. Overall, this was the best theory class according to students, with the only criticism being the background music.

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