Beginning with Brusho, painting poppies with explosive colour! by Sally Taylor (Skillshare)

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Good and logic Introduction (34%)
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Getting Started and Basic Essentials (21%)
High Quality and easy Material (17%)
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Course content

1. Begining with Brusho 0:05

2. Introduction 0:58

3. Materials 1:14

4. Pencil Drawing 1:08

5. Background 2:50

6. Flowers 2:48

7. The leaves 8:40

8. Finishing off 0:32

9. Examples of Brusho 0:50

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In this class, you will learn how to use Brusho pigments. There is no need to be an accomplished painter, just the ability to hold a paintbrush and spray water! You will also learn how to create some great Paint paintings with Brusho. The attached pictures show examples of my paintings that have been created using this class. I hope you have a great time with this fabulous pigment paint!"


Best review

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Students appreciate Sally as a wonderful teacher who offers a good introduction to Brusho. They enjoyed the class with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher who wants to share this medium.

Worst review

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Students found the initial understanding of Brusho to be unclear and struggled with how to engage with the medium.

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