Write a Chord Progression on Guitar: Major Key by Scott Paul Johnson (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:05

2. Chords in the Key of G Major 0:51

3. How to Play the Chords + Easier Fingerings 2:55

4. Writing Basic Chord Progressions 2:55

5. First Project 0:36

6. Organizing Cohesive Sets of Chords 3:18

7. Second Project 0:28

8. Other Major Keys & Final Thoughts 1:22

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Chord progressions are at the core of writing and understanding music . After taking this class you'll have a better understanding of how to build your own chord progressions in a major key . For this class, we'll focus on the key of g major, but the concepts apply to every key .


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Amazing guitar instructor, always makes it so simple and easy to grasp you gave examples, demoed the examples and then explained why they work. Great classic, really simple stuff but taught in very fun way! i've known paul for some weeks and I love the way he graphs his examples, that means, notes and chords over guitar, while hand is on too. I really appreciate the projects, so we're not just watching him do a thing, but instead immediately putting the thing into practice ourselves to really cement our learning.

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If you want to write songs and have no idea how to start, take this lesson!

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