Mixing Vocals in Logic Pro X | Music Production by Sabelo September (Skillshare)

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2 hours

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:13

2. Importing Files & Orginizing Project 13:38

3. Levels & Panning 3:28

4. Lead Vox Processing (EQ, De Esser) 22:33

5. Lead Vox Processing (Compressor, Saturation 16:24

6. Backing Voc Processing (EQ, Compressor, De esser) 11:23

7. Rap Verse Vox Processing EQ, De Esser, Compression 14:24

8. Vox Processing Pitch Tightening Correction 7:57

9. Creative Effects Reverb 21:06

10. Creative Effects - Delay 15:19

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This course is designed to help producers and artists learn how to have their vocal tracks sound right. It covers the different plugins used in Logic Pro, how to turn raw tracks into pro looking vocals, and how to use pitch correction and autotune features in a variety of plugins. The course also covers how to create DAW music production skills by using the free software to create music.


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